Short Courses



Business Models for Dummies Author Q&A


Learn practical strategies from the book




DISC Personality Profiling

Learn how the DISC personality profiling process works as well as improve your ability to read other’s behavioral cues.





The 51 Errors and the New Bunker Mentality

51 Errors and the Bunker Mentality

This hour-long course will demonstrate some of the fundamental business realities brought about by the 2007 recession. Unfortunately, these buyer behaviors may never change.




Business Blue Print 2021

Business BluePrint 2021

Learn how savvy business owners are re-thinking their cost structures, employee relations, and even how they acquire new business.




Creating a Think/Plan/Do Rhythm


Learn how to create a strategic rhythm to boost team and organizational performance




Doubling Sales by Trimming Your Sales force


Many legacy sales and marketing systems are wasting time and money. Learn how to cut costs and sales staff while simultaneously increasing, yes increasing sales.



Is Busyness Stifling Your Business?

Hard work does not always equal rewards. See how a culture of busy-ness may be hurting your bottom line.


Margin Innovation as the key to profit growth

Increasing margin is never as simple as raising prices. Learn how to innovate your margin via several creative tactics.