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Business Model Institute

Every CEO needs a solid business model.

Do you know what yours is?

A business model is the proprietary method used to acquire service and retain customers.

It draws on a multitude of business subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy, economics, finance, operations, and marketing. The importance of the business model cannot be understated. A mediocre product or industry with a good business model can be profitable, while a good product or industry with a mediocre business model will only fail.

Great Leader + Average Business Model = Average business
Average leader + Great business model = Great business

One of the best ways to determine the quality of your business model is to assess its worth.

Our FREE Business Model Assessment will help you find out how your business model stacks up in the following areas:

  • Value Proposition: A description of the products and services a business offers that together represent value for a specific customer segment.
  • Market Segment: The group of customers that are targeted for the product or service.
  • Value Chain: The company‚Äôs position in the value chain and how the company captures the value in the chain it has created.
  • Revenue Generation and Margins: How revenue is generated, the cost structure, and target margins.
  • Position in Value Network:
    Identification of competitors and any network effects that can be used to deliver more value to the target market.
  • Competitive Strategy:
    how the company will develop a competitive advantage, by utilizing cost, niche or other strategies.