Our Masters of Business Ownership Program is designed to provide business owners the most valuable content in a fast-paced and actionable format. Each lesson contains an action workbook as well as a 30 minute lesson, insight, and action guide on the topic.

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98-2 Delegation

Description: This proprietary delegation technique (aka Entrepreneurial Delegation) has helped many entrepreneurs better leverage their time and talents. Some of the content in this course will shock you as you have never heard of delegation techniques such as these.

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CEO Emeritus

Description: Whether you are selling your business in 20 years or tomorrow, the CEO Emeritus plan can potentially put millions of extra dollars in your pocket. Hint: after this program, you may never want to sell your business.

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Creating a Proven and Repeatable Sales Process

Description: There’s no need to rely upon flighty salespeople to drive your top line. A systematic procedure for all marketing and sales put you in control of your revenues and lessens reliance on any individual sales superstar.

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Running Your Business from a Financial Dashboard

Description: Top performing companies manage key performance indicators (KPIs) daily. This lesson will describe KPIs, help you identify yours, and start the process of using them in your management routine.

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Creating a Hiring and Training Process

Description: Mid-sized and small businesses have a hard time recruiting star employees. This lesson will show you an alternative plan to find your future stars without getting into a bidding war or competing in the War for Talent.

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CEO Autopilot: Creating an Operations Plan

Description: Have you ever wished that your business could run smoothly without your constant time and attention? If so, the solution is to systematize your business with an operations plan. It’s not as tough as you think. This less will show you what you need and where to begin. Once you have your plan in place, you will immediately see results.

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LinkedIn Marketing for B2B

This course was designed for a specific client in the B2B sales consulting business, but the lessons are universal. This is not a beginner’s LinkedIn course. It will quickly go through the must-have LinkedIn information and then move onto advanced tricks and tactics.

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