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Effectively Leveraging Video

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Benefits of Video

1. Higher Google Ranking – Videos increase your Google search rank
2. People Don’t Read – In a world of “now,” Video is Instant and effortless
3. Facetime – Allow for face to face meetings and never be in the room
4. 24/7 Availability – With video you are constantly available to make a sale.
5. Get People To Listen – People are 4 times more likely to watch you video than read your brochure. Videos grab attention and keep it.
6. Consistency – You get the correct message out every time. No errors, no redo’s, no waste.
7. High-Performance Sales person – High energy, no bad days, and always informed of products.
8. Low Cost Exposure – Once a video is produced it can be viewed repeatedly at little to no additional charge.
9. Better Training – No mistakes, easily understandable, effective.
10. International Marketing – Break international barriers, your videos can be viewed anywhere in the world!

Top 10 Reasons business owners don’t leverage Video:
The most powerful tool on the internet

1. I Don’t know where to start
-University of CEO will assist you in picking the video topics that are right for your company-
2. I don’t know what to say
-With our vast experience in producing videos, our team will walk you through any scripting needs.
3. It Cost too Much
-In today’s visual world, it’s costing you more if your not using video.
4. What do I do with them
-If your website does not use Videos then you are missing out on huge opportunities.
5. Process takes too long
-University of CEO has developed a 5 hour program to get you one or more finished videos.
6. Nobody will watch them
-Facts: 20% of people read printed material, 40% will listen to a recording, 85%+ will watch a video. (numbers don’t lie)
7. I don’t have the equipment
-University of CEO provides all necessary production equipment including teleprompters, lighting, camera, crew and more.
8. I don’t want to be on camera
-There’s no need! With our professionals on staff, we can supply you with a finalized product with or without the hassles of being on camera.
9. My product isn’t visual.
-Videos can be produced for many purposes and services even if there is no imagery associated we can make your product visual.
10. My marketing dollars are spent elsewhere
-Dollars spent in other areas can be redirected to a more effective and efficient marketing tool.