1) I have a hard time recruiting superstars

To some extent
We can occasionally recruit a star
We never seem to be able to recruit superstars

2) In the past five years, one or more of my best people have quit

We had a close call, but we retained them
Yes, one quit
Yes, more than one quit

3) The last time I got a speeding ticket, I...(made an excuse)

Talked my way out of it by telling a good story
Almost talked my way out of it
Accepted the ticket and said nothing

4) You are late for dinner with your significant other. When you sit down, you say...

Make up a good story as to why you are late. After all, they are going to be ticked
Sorry I'm late
Nothing and hope they don't notice

5) An employee over-promises. You...

Hope they can achieve the goal
Anxiously wait for them to mess up.
Point out that the goal may be too aggressive
Tell them to set the goal to a more reasonable level

6) A key deadline is missed, your employee's most likely first sentence is

Boss, we worked diligently on this goal but several unexpected events held us back. Don't worry, we will finish soon.
Boss, excuse, excuse, excuse
Boss, my team missed the goal. We wont let it happen again
Boss, I messed up. Sorry; it wont happen again

7) Same scenario, your most likely reaction to the employee is

You're fired
Bob, I am very disappointed in you failing to meet this goal
No problem, get it to me when you can
It's not a big deal, wrap it up by the end of the week

8) Do you have a Sally

Used to but she quit
Used to buy I fired her
Never have had one

9) If you had a Sally, how long did she work for you?

Less than 6 months
Aaround a year
1-2 years
Over 2 years

10) After a long, tiring day it work, you are snappy with your family. They say, "Hey, why are you so snappy?" Your response is-

Kick the dog
Rant about what your stupid employees did today
Say, "I don't want to talk about it"