Quantum Thinking

1) The best way to improve my business is

Get industry expert to share industry best practices
Get someone that knows nothing about our business...
Get someone an expert in a different but similar business
Figure it out myself

2) I tend to get my best ideas

While driving or in the shower
When studying information regarding my business or industry
From a friend or colleague
While doing something completely unrelated to my business
I am not an "Idea Guy"

3) The most important priority of my business is

Improving existing processes
Fixing problems
Growing sales to existing customers
Getting new customers
Changing our business model

4) The best salespeople (not sure this fits?)

Follow company procedures
Turn in reports on time
Are a pain in my butt
Never follow the rules

5) Do you try to live by the mantra "Each and every day, I strive to get better in every way."


6) Reflecting on my best successes, they were achieved by

Spurts of intermittent heroic effort over time
Consistent plugging away at my goal

7) People that know me would describe me as

Highly creative
Reasonably creative

8) In the fairy tale of the tortoise and the hare, I identify more with:

The tortoise
The hare