Operations Plan

1) A friendly competitor wants to purchase a copy of your operations manual for their internal use. You...

Is an operations manual the same as an employee handbook?
Sure, there isn't much to our operations manual. I would sell It for the right price
Perhaps I would sell it, but it would need to be a significant price
Our manual is not for sale for any price. We have 1000's of man-hours in it.

2) Do you have employee manual

Yes, but we don't use it
Yes, we have it and use it

3) When there is a decision to be made...

I typically make it
My people give it a shot, but many times, I end up making the decision
My people make their best decision but sometimes the decision gets bounced to me
We have well-trained people and a good process. Decisions are handled at the lowest possible level of the organization

4) Do you use training videos, manuals, pictograms

not at all
We have some
Yes, we have a significant amount of training materials
We are constant trainers. Our training library grows every month

5) When was the last new training system you created

Last year
Last quarter
Last week

6) When I am gone from the office for more than a few days...

I feel very uncomfortable something will go wrong
It used to make me very uncomfortable but I have learned to live with it
I have good systems and people in place, so I do not feel uncomfortable
I am out of the office all the time and things run great without me

7) How many areas of your company run exceptionally well without your direct involvement?

There are a couple areas
Almost all aspect of my company run well without my involvement