1) If the boss got hit by a bus today, what would the company miss the most

The business simply cannot run without her
Too much to list
Leadership, close big deals, managing key people
Leadership, key decision-maker, mentorship, key relationship holder

2) How well does your boss delegate?

There are not enough good people to delegate to
He delegate the grunt work
He delegates much of the work he used to do 5 years ago
He lives by the J Willard Marriott rule- don't do anything someone else can do for you

3) True or False- Too many people around here buck decisions to the boss


4) The boss could delegate more effectively if --

She would try
She spent just a little time training and mentoring
She is a good delegator but could do better in a couple areas
She is an outstanding delegator

5) The boss does a good job doing the work only he/she can do

Absolutely False. He spends his time doing work others already know how to do
False. He spends his time doing work others could do if trained
Somewhat True. He delegates some tasks but could do better
True. He is a good delegator and trainer.