1) If I got hit by a bus today, what would my people miss the most from me

The business simply cannot run without me
Too much to list
Leadership, close big deals, managing key people
Leadership, key decision-maker, mentorship, key relationship holder

2) How satisfied are you with your delegation ability

I don't have good people to delegate to
I delegate the grunt work
I delegate much of the work I used to do 5 years ago
I live by the J Willard Marriott rule- don't do anything someone else can do for you

3) How satisfied are you with the quality of work performed by your subordinates

They stink
They don't do it as well as me and it really bugs me
They don't do it as well as me but they do it well enough
My people do better work than me

4) Do decisions get bucked to you

All the time
Occasionally, a few a week
A few times a month

5) How much time do you spend training your direct reports

Almost none
A few days when they first start
A bit, on an as needed basis
One of my most important roles is mentoring my key people

6) When an employee asks me "Hey what should we do about X" I say

Here's what we should do...
Talk about it and decide together
Say, "what do you think" and see if it is what you would do. If it isn't, correct them and have them do what you want
Say, "what do you think" and see if it is what you would do. As long as it is reasonable, have them do it

7) When an employee is assigned a task, they...

Complete it on time with excellent quality
Get it done on time about 1/2 the time
I get it when I get it

8) If I had to place a $ value on the lowest impact task I spend more than 2 hours per month doing, the value would be $$

Over $100/hour