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Delegation isn’t Easy!

Every businessperson eventually learns their progress is limited by their personal throughput.  Donald Trump has the same issue as you and me.  He could produce twice the results if he could double his personal output.   In a small business setting, this personal output issue is more pronounced. 

Every business owner is the bottleneck of their business.  Their personal ability to get things done is the single-biggest impediment to success.  Most business owners attempt to increase their throughput by delegating work, tasks, and functions.  Delegation is simple in concept but complex in execution.

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Large corporations have things easy when it comes to delegation.  Huge human and financial structures are already in place when a manager walks through the door.  In the small business world, CEOs are forced to create their own delegation system from scratch.

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Despite having to create a delegation system from scratch, many entrepreneurs are successful.  We studied these successful entrepreneurs and found that they all used a series of tricks to effectively delegate in a small business environment.

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As you can see, effective delegation requires a process.  Successful entrepreneurs have cleverly ignored the Big Business-based textbooks and created their own delegation system.  You can learn from their secrets using the 98/2 Delegation techniques.

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