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You should NEVER sell your business!

Today’s low interest rate environment has made selling most businesses economically impossible. If you need $250,000 annual income, you will need to sell your business for $6,250,000 to maintain your lifestyle (assuming 20% tax rate and 5% interest earned). Most businesses will not sell for enough to meet the owner’s income needs.


So what do you do?

You focus on growing permanent and stable income from your business. Selling your business transfers your income to the buyer. Why would you sell your business for 3 times earnings when you can keep those earnings forever….if…


You get the business running well without you

Some business owners view this as a unicorn…it’s impossible. It’s not. Every business can be run profitably without the daily sweat of the owner. It’s not easy and it involves some changes, but it CAN be done.

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