Work less, accomplish more!

You've built a profitable business, but sometimes it feels like more like a job than a corporation.

Four "Pillars" to accomplish more by working less

  • Foundation

    Excellent businesses share the same foundation. Our education program will show you how to copy these strategies.

  • Competitive Speed

    Ideas are over-rated. Winning businesses simply implement strategic initiatives faster. Word with other business owners and  a coach each month to complete yours.

  • Best Practices

    Business is hard without best practices. Learn hundreds of profit-accelerating shortcuts from our team.

  • Accountability

    Traditional accountability stinks! We use Positive Accountability to drive results without the beat down.

How We're Different

  • Live Interaction

    Our programs are a live community of business owners lead by a top instructor.

  • Action, not ideas

    You are too busy for one more to-do. We help you FINISH key initiatives.

  • Accountability

    We will help hold you accountable to your most important goals without feeling like you went through the spanking machine.

Our Program

  • Monthly Action Session

    Consistently drive key initiatives during this live session

  • Monthly "Business Foundation" Training

    Hundreds of best practices to ensure your business hums (live)

  • Monthly Best Practices Session

    Learn what’s working for other business owners in this live monthly session

  • Bi-weekly Accountability Call

    See how “Positive Accountability” can help lock-in success in this live session

  • Strategy Session

    Every membership kicks off with a one-on-one coaching session so you get the most out of the program

  • Masters of Business Ownership library

    Full access to our Masters of Business Ownership course library

  • Skimmers Book Club

    Get all the take-aways from an important business book in 20 minutes during this monthly session

  • Tools, Assessments, Cheat Sheets, Exercises, and more

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Real-world examples

Craig Bowman

Before: $3M construction business operating at 9% gross margin and making $200K in good years, breaking even in bad years.

After: $22M in sales, 23% gross margin, consistent profits of $2M annually

Key Initiatives Completed: Margin & Business model innovation

Results: Improved sales and margin

Craig Bowman President, Construction Company
Mike King

Before: Two years attempting to sell products on Amazon with $0 sales

After: $10K/month Amazon sales and climbing

Key Initiatives Completed: Comprehensive Amazon marketing program

Results: Used custom research, SEO, and Amazon toolkits

Mike King President, Manufacturer & Importer
Reginald Jones

Before: Sales team of eight generating $2M of new business

After: Sales team of four generating $2.4M of new business

Key Initiatives Completed: Sales process realignment

Results: Total cost savings of $250K annually while increasing sales 20%

Reginald Jones Owner, GIS software firm

Before: Expensive and time consuming process to screen and sell potential franchisees

After: Created a system that sold 1 franchise for every 61 leads vs. industry average of 1 to 200.

Key Initiatives Completed: Video marketing system and lead filtration system

Results: Lowered the sales cost per franchise from $4532 to $1709

Franchisor Video Marketing Company
Sheryl Winter

Before: Five failed sales hires in the past 3 years costing over $300K in wasted salary and much more in lost sales potential

After: Hired a future superstar who outsold the previous five in only 6 months

Key Initiatives Completed: Hiring system

Results: Using our TTI toolkit, the process yielded a superstar salesperson at below-market pay who became the top performer in company history

Sheryl Winter CEO, Distributor
John Green

Before: Client was dumbfounded when he learned that his 9 salespeople were spending 90% of their time preparing routine quotes instead of finding new clients 4 salespeople generating more business than 9 did previously

After: Created a client self-service portal

Key Initiatives Completed: Portal removed most quoting responsibilities from the salespeople so they could pursue new business. Four salespeople quit when they realized they would now have to prospect. The remaining salespeople increased their sales and commissions.

Results: Net savings = $300,000 annually

John Green President, Awning Fabricator
Christy Bonsen

Before: Recruited employees with industry experience that created a revolving door of hire, disappointment, fire/quit.

After: The first hire with the new system was a waitress at the CEOs favorite restaurant.

Key Initiatives Completed: Within a year, this hard working employee received three promotions and was in charge of an entire department…..and she’s capable of more! Aptitude testing and training system

Results: Stopped hiring the competitor’s rejects

Christy Bonsen SVP, Chemical Distributor
Jerry Stein

Before: Stable company with stable workforce

After: Industry-best employee retention

Key Initiatives Completed: Employee motivation survey and 360 program

Results: Unbeknownst to the CEO, a 15-year employee was extremely dissatisfied and ready to exit. By uncovering the issues early, the employee was retained and the valuable knowledge base kept.

Jerry Stein CEO, Household products

Work less, accomplish more!

You've build a profitable business, but sometimes it feels like more like a job than a corporation.

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