Congratulations - You are about to improve your business model for enhanced profits

Below is the video mini-course on Gasoline, Cigarettes, and Soda. In this course you will learn how to increase margins without raising prices.

We have seen miraculous results by looking at your pricing model through this lens.

You can also find additional worksheets, checklists, and more below.

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More Training and Resources

Below are additional resources you can use to fine tune your business model to perfection!

  • My personal cheat sheet

    Learn the 87 methods I have researched and found the most effective to improve your business model

    Download it

  • Business model tricks swipe list

    Borrow great ideas from this list of twenty-five sources

    Download it

  • Top innovations worksheet

    This powerful worksheet will guide you through our best business model innovation secrets.

    Download it

  • Idea checklist & worksheet

    Use these exercises to brainstorm and filter your best ideas.

    Download it

  • Real-world versioning examples

    See how companies modified their business models for the better.

    Download it

  • Versioning Worksheet

    Create your own business model versions

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