Accelerate business growth by graduating from the School of Hard Knocks

Workshop Lesson #1: Harnessing the power of POSITIVE accountability

Accountability is a trademark of high-performing companies. However, it feels like a beat-down for many entrepreneurs.

Workshop Lesson #2: Stop Hiring Your Competitor's Rejects

Small companies must out-fox the competition to attract the best people. Learn how to consistently hire better people by throwing away the current playbook.

Workshop Lesson #3: Why a blind man can manage better

Managing with your eyeballs FEELS better but works WORSE than managing from a KPI dashboard. Learn how top CEOs have quickly and easily done so.

Workshop Lesson #4: Avoiding the E-Myth Myth

The classic book The E-Myth offers invaluable lessons for business owners. But why do so many business owners fail to implement the lessons?

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