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Client Success Stories

Craig Bowman

Before: $3M construction business operating at 9% gross margin and making $200K in good years, breaking even in bad years.

After: $22M in sales, 23% gross margin, consistent profits of $2M annually

How he did it: Margin & Business model innovation via Gasoline, Cigarettes, and Soda model

Results: Improved sales and margin

Craig Bowman President, Construction Company
Mike King

Before: Two years attempting to sell products on Amazon with $0 sales

After: $10K/month Amazon sales and climbing

How they did it: Used Business Model Secret #23

Results: Now looking at new product to sell

Mike King President, Manufacturer & Importer
Reginald Jones

Before: Sales team of eight generating $2M of new business

After: Sales team of four generating $2.4M of new business

How he did it: Sales process realignment

Results: Total cost savings of $250K annually while increasing sales 20%

Reginald Jones Owner, GIS software firm

Before: Expensive and time consuming process to screen and sell potential franchisees

After: Created a system that sold 1 franchise for every 61 leads vs. industry average of 1 to 200.

How they did it: Business Model Secret #14

Results: Lowered the sales cost per franchise from $4532 to $1709

Franchisor Video Marketing Company
Sheryl Winter

Before: Five failed sales hires in the past 3 years costing over $300K in wasted salary and much more in lost sales potential

After: Hired a future superstar who outsold the previous five in only 6 months

How she did it: Created a counter-intuitive hiring system

Results: The process yielded a superstar salesperson at below-market pay who became the top performer in company history

Sheryl Winter CEO, Distributor
John Green

Before: Client was dumbfounded when he learned that his 9 salespeople were spending 90% of their time preparing routine quotes instead of finding new clients 4 salespeople generating more business than 9 did previously

After: Created a system that lowered sales costs by 84%

How he did it: Business Model Secret #8

Results: Net savings = $300,000 annually

John Green President, Awning Fabricator
Christy Bonsen

Before: Recruited employees with industry experience that created a revolving door of hire, disappointment, fire/quit.

After: The first hire received three merit promotions in six months.

How she did it: Business Model Secret #2

Results: Total employee compensation down 8%

Christy Bonsen SVP, Chemical Distributor
Jerry Stein

Before: Stable company with flat sales

After: 10% growth annually for last four years

How he did it: Business Model Secret #9

Results: Company went from perpetual break-even mode to record profits year after year.

Jerry Stein CEO, Household products

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Get the Business Model Success Kit $27

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