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The Business Model Secrets Course was the precursor to the Business Models for Dummies book and the Business Model Wheel.

In this extensive 5-part course designed for business owners, you can find many ideas and insights into innovating business models.

Although the 8 components of the business model are not exactly the same as the Wheel, you should find this course useful to deepen your understanding of business models and honing your innovation abilities.


Lesson 1

Video lesson

BMS Module 1 Outline

BMS Module 1 Summary

Memory Jogger

BMS Idea Checklist #1

BMS Idea Checklist #2

Document Passwords


Lesson 2

Video Lesson

BMS Module 2 Summary

Customer Profitability Analysis

Business Model Example Tractor Company

BMS memory jogger

Lesson 3

Video Lesson

BMS Module 3 Summary

87 Model Improvements

87 Model Improvements Chart

Delegation Line Exercise


Lesson 4

Video Lesson

BMS Module 4 Summary

Business Model Secrets Top Methods

Exercise Insurance

Exercise Model Versioning

Exercise Vulnerability Analysis

BMS Example- Auto Parts


Lesson 5

Video Lesson

BMS Module 5 Summary

Model Example New Pig

Time Log